I’m crossing my fingers

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It’s amazing how none of my friends seem to remember it. But I remember it clearly. The first time I heard of an Ethiopian rapper was on 120 tv program. They were born in Sweden, a girl and a boy. Both young and sweet looking. The song they made seem to have been adopeted from Shaka Demu’s “murder she wrote”. The music video was done in a supermarket. The idea being he saw her stabbing someone fatally, and she denying. You gotta be there. Now, another Ethiopian is being given credit for her talent. Ethiopian born Wayna Wondwossen has been nominated for her musical talent for the 51st Grammy Award. According to, ethiopolitics, Waynna has been nominated in the Best Urban/Alternative Performance category for her “Loving you” feat..

Way to go girl!.


Tarik Tesera!!

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The race for White House is Over! An African-descent American, with a Muslim middle name, took the crown.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, The First Family:

The First Family

Tears of Joy

In Germany - Obama for Chancellor

In India

Another Haile, Another winner

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According to France 24, Haile Gerima’s film ‘Teza’ won top prize at Carthage Film Festival. Not just the main awards, but the coveted Golden Tanit for its “modesty and genius.” Carthage Film Festival (Journées Cinématographiques de Carthage) is the oldest African film festival which celebrated it’s 22nd annual anniversary last Saturday, October 25, 2008. I hope Teza’s success would inspire other Ethiopian film directors that it’s possible to reach a much larger audience if you are faithful to what you do.

Details about Teza

Taken from Teza

Set in 1970s Ethiopia, Teza tells the story of a young Ethiopian as he returns from West Germany a postgraduate. The young Anberber comes back to a country at the height of the Cold War and under the Marxist regime of Mengistu Haile Mariam. Working in a health institution he witnesses a brutal murder and finds himself at odds with the revolutionary gangsters running the country. He is ordered by the regime to take up a post in East Germany and uses this opportunity to escape to the West until the Berlin Wall falls and Ethiopia’s military regime is overthrown.

Now aged 60, Anberber finally returns to his home village. Although he finds comfort from his ageing mother he feels alienated from those around him by his absence from home for so long and is disillusioned and haunted by his past. Teza is a sharply constructed political drama with solid story- telling values that include excellent performances, as well as a compelling soundtrack and the best choice and use of location.
Keith Shiri

Directed by: Haile Gerima
Written by: Haile Gerima
Cast: Aron Arefe, Abiye Tedla, Takelech Beyene
Country: Ethiopia-Germany-France
Year: 2008
Running time: 140min